Friends of Healing Moated Settlement

A 13th Century earthwork



  1. How old is the site?

    Archaeologists have discovered finds dating to the late Bronze Age. Nineteen pieces of worked flint were found on the site. It was determined to be local type flint collected from the glacial till deposits.

    A hammerstone was also discovered, which appeared to have been used to strike other objects.

  2. When was the site last occupied?

    From finds collected by archaeologists it seems the site was occupied in some form until the 16th Century.

    There was evidence of buildings on the site and fragments of pottery were also recovered including some German pottery sherds, which was significant with a high status manor.

  3. What was the site used for?

    Through the centuries people have lived on the site. The occupants may have been farmers and owned smallholdings. There was evidence of small industrial activity and what's believed to be a kiln was found.

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